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LARGE Fluorite Skull

LARGE Fluorite Skull

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4.5" X 3" X 3.5"

Fluorite Crystals are magnificently variable in both coloration and pattern, with known variants ranging the full color of the rainbow. Each variant of Fluorite produces an energy which is said to promote organizational, calming, routine patterns – simply put, Fluorite Crystals excel at creating order from chaos. Fluorite Crystals are known as “stones of discernment and aptitude” due to their strong presence of responsibility and intrinsic balance.

When meditated with, Fluorite infuses thoughts and actions toward aiding and growing new relationships with honest connections. While many color variants of Fluorite exist, each style carries these same metaphysical characteristics, as well as their own individual properties.


  • Master cleanser
  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Psychic protection
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