Angelarium Oracle of Emanations

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Angelarium: Oracle of Emanations is an oracle deck by Peter Mohrbacher. It features divine figures that guard the 33 paths on the Kabbalah’s tree of life.

Although I’ve never been drawn to the images of angels, I was immediately captured by this deck because it presents these heavenly beings in a fundamentally different way. The angels in this deck aren’t the stereotypical images of beautiful winged men and women with effortlessly perfect hair in long white robes. Far from the angels on the Sistine Chapel, these angels can be dark and disturbing. Instead of bright eyes and sweet smiles, many of these angels have no human faces at all. Such absence produces an eerie and haunting image.

This is a playing cards size copy of these cards that will fit in your purse or pocket.  There is a QR cod to download the booklet