Agate Skull with DRUZY Pocket

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Crystal skulls are renowned for their ability to boost psychic powers. Crystallographers have opined that the vibrational energy emitted they emit mimics that electromagnetic waves of the brain that gives birth to thought, making it much easier to gain valuable insight and attain true knowledge. People who use crystal skulls in meditation report clearer psychic visions and premonitions.

A recent development in this field has bought forth the idea of using crystal skulls to amplify communication efforts across the cosmos to those who live outside of our planet.

Their origins are shrouded in mystery—which only makes them more fascinating. There are three general theories: many believe they come from ancient human civilizations like the Mayans, while others think were made in cities that have disappeared like Atlantis or Lemuria. And yet others think that they were not made by humans at all, but by those living outside of our planet, in other words, extraterrestrial aliens.